San Francisco 49ers quarterback recently and their masters Colin - Capet Nick (Colin Kaepernick) signed a huge contract, making Capet Nick became one of the highest paid players in NFL. According to reports, the contract period of 6 years, with a total value of up to $ 126 million, of which $ 61 million is guaranteed.

Meanwhile, Nick also created a new tradition Capet 49 people - with a quill signing. After Capet Nick, 49, and rookie wide receiver who also were Bruce - shop for cheap authentic nfl jerseys in our outlet Ellington (Bruce Ellington), rookie center Marcus - Martin (Marcus Martin), linebacker Blake - Costanzo (Blake Costanzo) signing, And they are signed with a quill.

order to facilitate the fans at the end of the Super Bowl winning team immediately be able to buy related products, the Super Bowl champion clothes, hats, etc. are making a good advance, which means that every year, half of the goods lost 'value.' That these things will flow to where it?

NFL every year with the cooperation of international aid organization World Vision, will these clothes, hats and go to the poor and backward countries, such as El Salvador, Nicaragua, Romania.

Texans all-star wide receiver Andre - Johnson (Andre Johnson) continued absence of team training, Johnson said he had had enough of the day to see the team always lose and should have passed the ball in his hands steals each other, it looks like he has never intended to. Of course, the big contract and the team reached an agreement with Johnson does not want is a reason.

If you have any reason to stay, then let Johnson with Houston star Arian - Foster (Arian Foster) will be one the authentic nfl jerseys of them.

Foster recently posted on the social network for a period of six seconds of the video, the video in which he stood in front of Johnson's poster, holding a sad expression, coupled with his pitiful, Meng Jin full to convey to his teammates retain meaning.

Jed Wayne - Kelao Ni where are authentic nfl jerseys made (Jadeveon Clowney) from the Houston Texans get his rookie contract, and now he has to work hard to adapt to the new location, and even the NFL Draft champion should comply with existing labor agreement , Ke Laoni first contract for a term of four years, Texans have a team option for the fifth year.

since 2011 to enter the University of South Carolina, became the star defensive end, the people generally believe that he will play in the NFL when full strongcheap authentic nfl jerseys china power punch pass, the Texans will move to the outside of his guard position, Texans defensive front to 3-4 configuration, before the league's best defenseman JJ Watt is one of their defensive end.

just took over as coach this season - Bill O'Brien (Bill O'Brien) said: 'Any rookie from the University of the stadium is very difficult to directly jump to professional stadium, whether he is a champion or undrafted, are required where a lot from veteran learning, I think he (Kelao Ni) did a good job in the recent training very hard. '

contribution in three seasons at the University of South Carolina in 130 tackles, 24 sacks and nine forced fumbles, which set a school record forced fumbles, honed through the freshman and sophomore , Ke Laoni generally considered to be high overall pick in the NFL draft, but his data on the decline last season, so this year we are unsure Texans before the draft if elected he would use the first pick.

Meanwhile, Ke Laoni professional attitude has also been questioned, critics wonder whether he can safely finish his rookie season, but his physique (6 feet 5 inches tall, 266 pounds of body weight) very attractive Texans, which eventually became three champion teams in history, in the last month of training said: 'I am here to learn tactical manuals, can be marked with the ball in the Texans, the performance of my ability in the field.'

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