Southwestern Services Principles

At Southwestern Services we are guided by a short list of central principles. Commitment to these principles permeates our entire organization and every job that we do. It ensures the happiness of our customers, the safety of our employees, and the quality of our work.

1. Focus on Our Customers

Our customers are the reason we exist. It would be foolish to attempt to bend our clients and their jobs to our will. We listen to our customers. We strive to constantly improve our service, exceed our customer’s expectations and we encourage and are responsive to our customer’s communication.

2. Quality Begets Quality

The materials and tools that we use, the systems we put in place, and the employees we hire reflect this core value. We compete for the best people, and we use their talents effectively. We stress that Quality Improvement is the job of every individual. We strive to be an organization that is known for its quality of service.

3. Objectivity & Improvement

Improvement is the job of every individual in our organization. Improvement is hard to measure without an objective standard. To that end we gather, analyze, and interpret data throughout our improvement process.

We strive to predict and prevent problems using our improvement processes. We place our confidence in the competence of our staff. We empower them to prevent and solve problems. We seek to improve our systems to prevent future occurrences. We strive to create an atmosphere to trust, so that communication, positive or negative, will flow freely and be considered valuable.

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