Southwestern services provides general contracting services to retail customers all over the United States.

We specialize in six major categories of services:


Remodeling gives a fresh new look to an existing store. Updating a retail space can be necessary for many reasons; safety and sales are chief among them.

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Tenant Finish Out

The art of installing a retailer’s new store in an existing location. This can mean a newly constructed retail location, or a retail space that another retailer has vacated.

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Special Projects

Special projects are retailer-unique construction projects that require a store walk and partnering with the customer to develop a scope of work. Often Special Projects are projects that don't fall neatly into other categories and require a unique level of knowledge and initiative in order to complete correctly.

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Ground Up

Ground up construction involves starting a building project from an undeveloped parcel of land and working toward a finished building.

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Roll Out

If change needs to happen in more than one store, Southwestern Services can plan it, arrange the logistics, and execute the roll out; all with minimal effort from our customers. We become an extension of the customer's team by taking the total amount of stores to be set up and providing the customer with a complete schedule. We call the individual stores and inform them of the date and status of the new program. Southwestern Services has completed more than 500 store programs on time and within budget.

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Facility Maintenance

When an emergency happens, fast and competent reaction to maintenance projects keep your retail store operating. Southwestern Services provides a dedicated staff to receive maintenance requests and dispatch service technicians to your location to make repairs.

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Furthermore, we specialize in integrating ourselves into our customer’s processes, exceeding their expectations, and improve their businesses.

For every job, big or small, we provide our customers with a Complete Close-Out Package (Photos, Sign-Offs, Lien-Releases, As-Builts) and timely, accurate invoicing.

Our aim is to make our organization easy to do business with, so that you’ll do so more often.